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For you long time viewers of my live stock day trade playlist, you know I’ve commented on the “survive so you can thrive” idea millions of times. The idea truly is one that can not be overlooked though! Going into this day, my day trading results had been very lackluster and I was on a bumpy ride of simply trying to “survive”. I kept my risk under control and managed the trades properly; however, it was just a bumpy ride! Which is a lesson in and of itself for you beginner day traders. There WILL BE times in your journey where things get bumpy. It does not mean you are doing anything wrong or that your day trading strategy is broken, it just means the stock market can be a crazy place at times. You just need to stay focused on the dynamics of trading and trade management that matter most so you can survive during these times. Here’s the good news though! While survival is needed at times, it sets you up to be able to thrive in your trades too! I was happy to capture this trade on video as it illustrates exactly that. After quite a period of “suvival”, all it took was one single trade to wipe away all of the survival period and put me nicely back into the green! Check it out here!

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Gold Bullion Depository – Keeping It Extra Safe

Many people like to invest in gold bullion either in coins or in bars form. And, most of the people who invest in gold bullion do so in a small quantity. They just want it for collection purposes or just a small starting investment for the future.

Gold Bullion Fraud – How Not To Fall Victim

Gold bullion fraud does exist. Gold bullion is a precious metal and one should be careful with it when you want to invest in it. In every aspect, either in investing or selling, there is always fraud. Although, people who do this kind of work are none other than what can be called criminals or scammers.

Why Invest In Silver And Gold Coins?

Each discerning investor today worries about what they presently see in the world: Reoccurring domestic and international strife, declining US dollar value, increasing terrorism and lots of other factors are eating away your nest egg. Now the bond, real estate and stock markets also appear to be immensely overvalued. Add to this the inflation thread, depression and recession, and you can easily see that time ahead could be tougher than you could imagine.

3 Great Investments in Silver

I have a liking for silver as it costs much less as compared to the gold and possesses a greater potential to afford me the higher returns in comparison to the gold. The nice thing here is that markets for both of these are correlated positively.

Coins As Mode of Silver Investment

For few people, making investment in the coins is just a hobby. They enjoy possessing these coins which are an in-separable part of our rich cultural heritage, or some coins which offer insight into other countries of the world.

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