Job Crisis? No… It’s Even Worse!

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We continue to hear in the financial and main stream media headlines the job/labor market is strong, to which I would agree. As far as there being a “job crisis”, there is not one. Everywhere you look people are trying to hire and there seems to be more job openings than there are people available to fill them. Looking at these economic indicators at face value then it would be correct to claim there is no job crisis. When you look beyond the face value however, there is an even worse crisis occurring. I have been trying to point this out for the past few months; but, credit where credit is due. I came across an article where the author gives us a phrase which perfectly summarizes what I have been trying to say. There is no doubt about it, we are living in some goofy financial and economic times. There are jobs all over the place, yet, people are still struggling within their personal finances and budgeting? Huh? In order to best understand this situation, we need to define a few (simple) terms and then do some very simple math. What is this situation that is even worse than a job crisis? Let’s talk about it and get more informed about our current state of affairs as an economy! The more you are informed, the more you can make wiser choices to position yourself for the best chance at weathering the storm and remaining in control!

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