Is This The Time to Buy Gold?

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Everyone wants to make money, and no one wants to lose any, but you know that prices can swing either way. And so it can be tempting to constantly check on the value of your assets and get nervous about short-term price drops.

0:00 – Will the Price of Gold Go Up?
1:20 – The Gold Price Supply vs Demand
1:34 – Factors Behind Gold Demand
2:15 – Gold Investment Demand
3:08 – Gold Coins & Bars
4:29 – Gold Exchange Traded Products
5:14 – Industrial Gold Demand
5:44 – Gold Jewelry Demand
6:26 – Drivers of Gold Supply
6:52 – Gold Recycling
7:30 – Long-term Trends in Gold Demand
8:23 – Long-term Trends in Gold Supply
8:52 – Long-term Gold Price Forecast

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