Is Day Trading Gambling? This Student’s Results Give an Answer…

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Whether you are a beginner day trader or someone with above average day trading experience, I’m sure you’ve heard it: day trading is gambling! The stock market is a casino! To be fair to these people, they are not totally wrong and way off base or being irrational. The reason this whole idea and argument gets blurry is because day trading can certainly be gambling. The stock market can 100% be used as a casino. However, just because you use a fork as a hammer does not mean the fork is actually a hammer. The same is true here. The world of online day trading can be approached in a systematic way that does not guarantee money will always be made, but it can ensure the downside risk is always being focused on. When you approach trading in a methodical fashion you can begin to locate situations where the odds are not guaranteed, but in your favor. This is a day trader’s job. Not to always be right (that’s impossible) but to ensure you are avoiding random situations and making logical moves. When you do all this in the right way, it is possible to achieve the results that this student of mine was nice enough to share. One note, this student has been around a very long time and has shared both the ups and downs. This is not some cherry picked month. But honestly, even if it was, if day trading was gambling and the stock market was a casino, then mathematically and statically speaking, his results should NOT be possible. Let’s talk day trading and gambling.

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