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You must consider management when researching companies, and the numbers that signify the ability to allocate capital properly. In this week’s clip from InvestED, Phil and Danielle discuss ways to determine great stocks, and how you can use that information to predict a company’s future.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Objective numbers to consider
01:01 – Free cash flow
03:35 – Quality of Moat
04:50 – Allocation of capital
05:13 – CEO experience and track record
05:23 – Chipotle example
06:30 – Ulta example
07:52 – Taiwan Semiconductor example
08:36 – Apple example


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401K Vs IRA

There are two main types of retirement plans in the United States. The first is employer-sponsored plans, such as 401k, 403b, and 457 plans. The second type is individual plans, known as IRA accounts.

Tips for a Peaceful Retirement Life

While today seems so blissful, we often forget the tomorrow that comes with aging issues and retirement. After living the youth peacefully with no financial tension, retirement comes with its own stress, as there is no income in the end of the month to look forward to. Therefore, if you are looking forward to make your retirement life as peaceful and stress free as youth was, you must have a retirement plan charted out and prepared well in advance.

Roth IRA – A Wise Saving

A wise man has his every step planned, whether it is his present or his future. Many who may have though he was a miser, or a fool, may be forced to later call him wise, as he designed his future. When you are in your youth, you hardly take effort to understand what your parents went though, and how they are managing their finances.

The Truth About 401K – The Secrets Behind the Financial World

The obvious truth about 401K sustains that this financial model is just out of date, and can be more catastrophically than profitable to the account holders. Frequently a large majority of individuals will end up with multiple 401K accounts from previous employment years, and they finally apprehend they are losing money. This harmful and inefficient aspect is strongly linked to the fact that they cannot administer these accounts once leaving their previous employer.

Roth IRA Calculator Spotlights On Upfront Payment To Avoid Future Financial Burden

To set matters straight, IRA is an acronym for an individual retirement account as opposed to another possible meaning of a lesser positive note. Retirement is an inevitable progression upon formal exit from the employment space. Some may consider it another hurdle in the journey of life whereas others treat it as a carte blanche to finally living out life without deadlines and work stress.

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