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There are many misconceptions when it comes to investing, and these myths can hold people back from learning how to invest in stocks. That’s why today, I debunk these common investing myths, and explain why nothing should hold you back from investing in stocks!

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00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Uncertainty in the market
00:50 – You have to be an expert
02:26 – You can’t beat the market
03:29 – Minimize risk by diversifying
05:00 – Investing is like gambling
06:52 – Market crashes are bad for investors
08:29 – Question


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Investing: The Shocking Truth About 401ks and Paper Assets!

Will you be one of the tens of millions of people who may have no money in their 401k? Wow sounds unbelievable right but before you stop reading this article ask yourself these three questions. How much have you lost in your 401k since 2008?

Your Roth IRA Investment Is Tax Free!

Planning for ones’ retirement is always a good idea no matter how old or how young you are. Obviously, if you are older your retire plan strategies will tend to be a bit different than if you start planning for retirement at age 25. However, one particular tool in planning for retirement that is extremely effective is by using a Roth IRA.

Withdrawing Your Funds From An IRA or Roth IRA

The IRA and Roth IRA are well suited to purposes of retirement savings. Nonetheless, any distributions before the golden years might have a major impact on your longer term plans.

Investing for Compound Interest – The Reason Why You Need to Begin Today

The simplest method I know to successfully explain the excitement and significance of compounding interest is definitely with an illustration. I am somewhat of a visual learner and compound interest can be a complicated subject to describe, hence we will strive to help make it easy to understand.

401K Loans and Options

Many people in today’s economy feel the need to take money out of their retirement plans. Well, before making a decision, an individual should at least consider whether they may qualify for a 401K loan and the benefits of taking out a 401K loan vs. a distribution from their IRA. As always, an individual should always seek the appropriate tax advice from their tax professional before making their own decision.

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