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In this video, I want to talk to you about what your investments say about you. Whether intentional or not, you may be investing in companies you HATE. Here’s how to make sure your investments match your values.

Your investments say much more about you than you’d think. If you’re looking for companies to invest in, start where your values are. Click the link above for my free 3-circles exercise that will help you find investments that you’re truly passionate about.

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Should I Convert to a Roth IRA?

Since the creation of the Roth IRA, there have been income limits that have prevented higher earning households from opening Roth IRAs or converting traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. On January 1, 2010, income limits will be eliminated. This will allow any interested investor to convert traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs.

3 Ways Your 401k Contributions Will Profit More Than Any Other Investment

You may think that you can make more money  by investing outside of your 401K, but that is misleading. If you are eligible to contribute to your 401K plan then your first investment dollars should be an option within that plan. Don’t be tempted by short term gains elsewhere until you have contributed up to your contributions limits.

Are Your 401(K) Administrators Making More Money Than You?

Excessive fees can take a significant bite out of your 401(k) savings. Review the fine print in your plan details to determine what you are paying for what services you are receiving. If administration and investment fees are too high, consider contributing only enough to take full advantage of your employer’s matching contribution and save the rest to an IRA.

Financial Advice For a 401k Loan

If you are in the situation whereby you are in need of money fast, your 401K may be looking pretty good right about now. After all, it is possible to take out a loan against your 401K. There are some rules and tips you need to remember, however. Here is some financial advice for a 401K loan.

The Individual Retirement Account and is an Ira Right For You?

You’ve probably heard of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and if you’re not already contributing to one it’s important that you do so. Here’s a look at IRA conversion, rules and the like.

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