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Investing can be confusing, especially for beginners. To help clear up some of the confusion, we’ll take a look at some of the most common misguided expectations about investing and how they compare to reality.

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The Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules

The great things about an IRA include the tax savings and the growth of your money. There are some things that not everyone likes though. Among the many things that some people do not like are the Roth IRA withdrawal rules that many people have to deal with.

IRA Tax Deduction

IRA tax deductions are a little different, depending on which kind of IRA account you have. There are the traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, and even self directed subtypes of the two. Knowing the various tax options with each is critical both in the short term and long term. Also, knowing your responsibilities for each kind of account is equally as important.

Roth IRA Vs 401k

Many decisions need to be made about your well-being in your golden years. Part of those decisions includes how you are going to fund your retirement-from 60 to the rest of your life. That could very well be a good 30-40 time frame that you have to supply – which is all the-more reason to recognize Roth IRA vs 401k’s.


An IRA LLC, or Individual Retirement Account Limited Liability Company, is a special kind of company that is also known as an ICO. It is typically done without your custodian’s consent, since the majority of them don’t really allow direct real estate ownership or other non-traditional assets. After all, they want to control risk for themselves as well. However, IRA LLC is basically a work-a-round in this case.

Planning For Retirement

Everyone hopes that they’ll be able to retire one day, but many people have no idea how to go about saving enough money to make that a reality. Calculating retirement is actually a fairly easy process. You need to look at how much money you make now and how much money you spend each month. This will tell you your monthly expenses. But of course, that’s what your expenses are right now.

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