Investing App: For The “Hands Off” Investing Strategy

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I get it. Life is busy. We all have various goals and ambitions we are pursuing at there are only 24 hours in a day! With that being said, given you are an ambitious person, odds are you are looking for a “hands off” way to make some money while you focus on other goals. This is where the stock market and investing can become such a powerful wealth building tool. In order to invest into the stock market, you will need an investing app or online brokerage. For a beginner investor and someone who is just getting started with investing into the stock market, this is the point where strategy and methods can become very overwhelming. There are so many investing apps and brokers out there! Which one should you use? Assuming you are looking for an investing app that allows you to perform an “hands off” investing strategy, I have a recommendation that I believe will best fit your needs. I’ve been using them for a few years now and, at times, I forget I even have an account with them because their investing app truly is “that” hands-off. Let me share with you my recommended investing app for those wanting to build wealth in the stock market in a much more “hands off” strategy!

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