Invested Podcast | Call Options, Put Options and the Collar

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After much anticipation I finally delve into put and call options and Danielle helps make sense of it along the way. We talk about why options may not be as risky as they seem, why doing your homework is important, and why Danielle got into burritos.

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Brief Write Up About 401k Contribution and Withdrawal Rules

What is 401k? It is an “employee-sponsored retirement plan” that can be withdrawn after retirement and are eligible for taxation. If you want to withdraw the whole amount as lump sum before reaching age of 59 1/2, a certain percentage is retained by the authorities for tax payments and another percentage of total amount is withheld for withdrawing before reaching retirement. The penalty is not taxable.

One Good Thing About the Recession – Buying Apartment Complexes With Your IRA and 401k

Many people have seen a loss within their retirement accounts. They feel restricted and are looking for other options. Many are searching for the silver lining in today’s market… some have found it, some are still looking, some have completely given up. Though many are experiencing loss, others are positioning themselves correctly to increase rather than decrease. The market is TOO ripe for you to not to be diving into other opportunities and now you can absolutely take advantage of that by switching your retirement accounts over to self-directed retirement plans. By having this set up, you can invest in metals, real estate, tax liens, private placements, and more. Read more as I show you what we know about our “recession” and the positive affects it can have on investing while using your retirement accounts, specifically in the arena of multi-family.

Roth IRA Accounts and Education Expenses

Parents out there surely want to secure a good future for their kids. They want their children to be able to attend a good school and have a facilitated time in their studies. At the same time, these parents also have to look forward to a better future for themselves. One must work hard to support the family.

How to Transfer an IRA

So you’ve got an IRA CD coming do and your bank is offering awful roll rates (like 1.00%). You’ve found another bank offering a 15-month IRA CD at 2.00%. What is the best way to go about transferring your IRA?

What If My Private Money Lender Wants to Use a Self Directed IRA?

Most of the private lenders you speak with will have funds in an IRA account, but many of them won’t be aware that they can invest those funds, via a self-directed IRA, in real estate notes that are fully secured by a deed of trust or mortgage, and insured. Imagine having a fixed, secured, insured, tax-free gain of 10% to 15% or more annually, then compounded over the next couple of decades!

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