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Everyone’s reasons for investing and personal risk tolerance are different, so you have to decide which investment types suit your lifestyle, timeline, goals, and risk tolerance best. In today’s clip from the InvestED podcast, Danielle and I discuss investable asset options and risk.

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00:00 – Devaluation of the U.S. dollar
02:55 – Cash
06:14 – Gold, silver, and precious metals
07:01 – Treasury bills and bonds
07:53 – Bitcoin
08:57 – Fine art assets
09:28 – Stocks


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Common industry knowledge tells us that volatility is bad, something that needs to be justified by returns. When you are implementing a DCA strategy, however, volatility is objectively a good thing – and the more the merrier.

PAMM Investments for Pensioners

As a pensioner, it is best to always opt for the middle ground, a type of PAMM investment that offers the pensioner a stable return without exposing themselves too much risk while at the same time the returns being much higher than what one would enjoy from a bank deposit. It is therefore important to realize that the trader or the fund manager behind a PAMM investment needs to be closely scrutinized as well.

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