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Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we talk about investing in stocks that you love. Once you realize that you can vote with your money by investing in the companies that you want to see in the world in the future, it will change your perception of investing forever.

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401k Explained

Everyone needs to understand how their company-sponsored retirement account works. The 401k account is simple once you know what the jargon means and having a handle on how it works allows you to have more control over your money.

Why I Cashed Out My 401k Retirement Plan

If everything you thought about 401k retirement plans were false, when would you want to know? If you learned about the misconceptions surrounding 401k investments, what would you do? When I entered the workforce, I invested in my employer’s 401k.

Planning Ahead With IRAs

People naturally want to know what is coming up next. They also like to plan for it too. Many people set goals and are prepared for what they think is next.

Roth IRA Qualifications

Roth IRA is a stable investment account because of its flexibility and tax benefits. Traditional IRA accounts have certain limitations that Roth IRA accounts do not have and that is what makes it appealing. Roth IRA qualifications are made with the average middle class American in mind. The qualifications are meant to help protect the program from the rich wanting take advantage of the tax benefits, and help keep the program in operation.

Making a Roth IRA Withdrawal Can Be Tax Exempt

Roth IRAs are more financial flexibility then traditional ones, especially if you ever need to access your money early from an IRA account for whatever financial reason. A Roth IRA withdrawal allows a person to take out money from their regular contributions without having to pay a tax or penalty.

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