Invest into Stock Market or Pay Off Mortgage? (Personal Finance 101)

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When it comes to hotly contested topics in the world of personal finance 101 and wealth building, the decision to invest into the stock market or pay off your mortgage is near the top of the list. Let me first say, if you are watching this video it tells me your mind is in the right place. You are clearly seeking out opinions on wealth building and being smart with your personal finances, so from that angle, we are all in agreement! So sure, you may not agree with my answer or reasoning behind it which is fine, but again, I’m just glad we both have the common ground of taking personal responsibility when it comes to our money and wealth building efforts. When it comes to answering this debate topic, for me it’s all centered around risk. I like to look at this problem not from a mathematical point of view, but more-so, from a “real world” point of view in terms of who is better or worse off in certain situations. What do I think you should do? What do I believe is the wise financial decision when it comes to investing into the stock market or paying off your mortgage? Let’s get to it.

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