I Respond to a Day Trading Hater (is day trading a scam?)

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Have you ever come across a day trading hater? You know the type. Someone who sits there and throws out all kinds of accusations that when boiled down, essentially imply day trading is a scam and it is impossible. I recently had someone leave a comment on my YouTube channel that I wanted to respond to. This person makes many statements about being a day trader and how day trading works that need to be addressed. While I hope most people understand that you could tread lightly when reading through comments on social media, I wanted to respond to this one as I believe it also will provide several learning examples, which is the point of this channel, to learn! For most of you, I’m sure what this person has to say you already know is not accurate; however, I also know there are many beginner day traders out there who may not understand the finer tune details that make a few of these comments seem true, but when understood in context, makes them false. Let me respond to this day trading hater and clear the air!

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Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Gold

Gold investing is very lucrative in times of uncertainty and it provides a great store on value and a means of protection against inflation. The gold price performance has a history as far back as the general stock market.

The Best Ways to Start Investing in Silver

Investing in silver can be a very profitable or it can be a very costly learning experience. I have invested in silver for the past 10 years and grew concerned over the commercials I am now seeing, “buy silver now!” I have called a few of those companies to hear what advice they had and it wasn’t good.

The Gold Rush Too Early Or Too Late To Buy?

Investors tend to flock to gold when there is instability in the global stock or currency markets. The reason for this is gold is viewed as a safe haven or a hedge for stocks or currencies. Therefore, if you’re using gold in your portfolio to hedge against any downside risk then that could be a good decision. Pinpointing the exact time when a peak in the price will turn into a valley is pretty much impossible; no one has a crystal ball, but one must be aware and prepare for the eventuality of falling gold prices.

Buying Gold Bullion – Understanding the Modern Gold Rush

When you decide to buy bullion it’s good to use as a hedge against inflation that is caused by money being printed. It is in fact a tangible asset which means that it has some intrinsic value.

Indispensable Silver in Demand

Demand for precious silver continues to grow throughout world markets as its three main pillars of usefulness develop further. These are decorative and industrial uses (56.5%), photographic materials (15.9%), jewelry (20.3%) and silverware (7.3%) that taken together account for approximately 95% of all sales. There are several enduring reasons why so many people continue to choose to invest in silver. These include flexibility combined with strength, sensitivity to light, electro-thermal conductivity, the range of temperatures it can bear, and of course, its timeless eternal beauty and intrinsic value.

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