How You Can Incorporate Physical Gold & Silver into Your 401k – SchiffGold IRA Series

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You may be eligible to add gold & silver to your 401k:

Every person’s investment needs and situation are unique and as such SchiffGold does not present you with a cookie cutter solution. We strongly suggest you visit our Gold & Silver IRA page above for more information including a free guide on transitioning your 401(k) to a precious metals IRA.

How You Can Incorporate Physical Gold & Silver into Your 401k – SchiffGold IRA Series: Video 2


In this video which is part of the series from Schiff gold on gold and IRAs, we’re gonna be talking about 401ks. What is a 401k and how you can incorporate gold and silver into your 401k? The different ways that you can own gold and silver in your 401k plan whether you own it through an ETF or actually own the physical bars and coins that we’re gonna be talking about the advantages of the latter and how you can accomplish that by having a custodian that we can introduce you to at ShiffGold so that you can make gold physical gold and silver a part of your 401k retirement plan.

Now if you’re not familiar with 401k plans these are plans that are established by employers so that employees can invest some pre-tax income into their investment account. Of course, the benefit of that is obvious if you can invest money pre-tax you have a lot more money to invest because you’re not paying the taxes. Of course you pay the taxes eventually they’re deferred but they’re deferred to a later date so in the meantime you have that money working for you in your investment account and you don’t pay the taxes until you retire and start drawing the money out and by that time you may be in a lower tax bracket but we know based on the time value to the extent that you can pay taxes in the future that’s much better than paying them today and in the meantime you can take that money that you would otherwise just send to the government and invest it.

The key to investing is getting a real return:

But the key to investing is getting a real return and when you’re talking about a real return you’re talking about a return that exceeds the rate of inflation. And not just the rate of inflation that the government pretends you know using the CPI but the actual rate of inflation as measured by the increase in your cost of living. Because that’s what you’re gonna have to deal with when you go to retire, it’s not what the government claims have happened to prices but what has actually happened because you’re gonna have to buy all the things that you need and in theory you’re not gonna be working anymore so you’re not gonna have wages or salaries to help pay for it. You’re gonna need your investment income you’re gonna need the income coming from your 401k and I believe you have a much better chance of having a meaningful purchasing power coming from that 401k if you have a portion of that 401k in physical precious metals gold or silver.

And I’ve mentioned before in other videos that certainly if you have a 401k you can have exposure to gold and silver in many different ways you can own an ETF that owns physical gold or silver you can invest in individual companies that mine gold or silver you can invest in mutual funds that have portfolios of companies that invest in gold and silver mining companies. But you should also have some direct ownership of gold and silver and you can do that in a 401k provided that you are working with the right custodian.


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