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If you want to buy and sell stocks, options, and crypto, you’ll need an online broker (same this as an “app”). When you are a beginner to the stock market and world of cryptocurrency, I know how overwhelming it can be. There are so many choices of brokers and platforms. I know Robinhood is a popular broker; however, I have never recommend them as their only quality characteristic seems to be in their marketing department. They are great at getting people to sign up for the broker, but their platform itself leaves a lot to be desired! This is why I’ve always recommended WeBull. They may not be as well known as Robinhood; however, when you consider all the additional features they give you compared to Robinhood, it’s not even close. In fact, just recently they came up with a new version of their platform which added in that many more features, particularly in regards to the platform’s scanning ability. Scanning is very important for us as traders as it allows us to quickly find trading set-ups that fit our rules and strategy. Time is money and when you can more efficiently find what you’re looking for, that’s a win. Oh.. and the best part is, these scans are not only free but you get paid (via free stock) to sign up for their platform if you use this link:

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