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So, you have $5,000 saved up and you’re ready to invest, but what should you do? Believe it or not, there are things investors can do NOW to set themselves up for financial freedom down the road. Today, I discuss what you must consider before you start investing during a recession.

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00:00 – Intro
00:21 – What to do before you invest
02:10 – Roth IRA
03:33 – Index Fund
05:16 – Buy companies
06:24 – Impact of recessions
06:55 – Investing education
07:50 – Challenge
08:32 – Question


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Benefits of a Gold IRA

Over the years, gold has provided to be a reliable investment option and definitely provides investors with a remarkable platform to enhance the growth of their wealth in the long run. Gold IRA investments are not influenced by the global problems such as fluctuations in the fuel prices or the shaky trend of the stock markets.

Managed Portfolios – Now In Your 401(K)

Many people rely on a financial advisor to properly diversify and manage the assets in their IRAs, taxable accounts, and other qualified accounts. Why should it be any different in your company’s 401(k)? Many 401(k) plans offer a set of 10 to 20 mutual funds for the participants to choose from, as well as some target date funds.

Finding Perfect Stocks To Buy Options On

Discover how to find the best stocks to buy options on. Several things you should look for in a stock option play.

401(K) Need-To-Know Information for Participants

Make sure you are saving enough for retirement (if you need to calculate that number, refer to your enrollment workbook or discuss with the 401(k) plan advisor or your own financial advisor). If you would seriously like to retire someday, you need to save enough during your working years & have it grow over time (you can’t retire if you don’t have enough money).

IRA in Gold: 2 Methods Used to Transfer Investment Funds

There are two common methods used by financial institutions to take an existing IRA and put it into gold. One is known as a “transfer” and the other is a “rollover”. After you have selected a licensed dealer to establish an account for you they will guide you every step of the way.

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