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Are you interested in investing part-time or even full time? In this video I give you some tips on how to make investing your new side job, and what it takes to be a successful investors.

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Self Employed 401k Limits – Strategies to Maximize Financial Security in Retirement

Anyone working as their own boss knows the importance of careful strategy and planning in building a successful business enterprise. It is just as critical, however, for such individuals to dedicate significant attention to researching and choosing a retirement plan. Read on to find out more!

Self Employed 401k Rules – Making the Most of an Effective Savings Vehicle

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When Life Does Not Go to Plan, and Sometimes Even Busts Or Genuine Good Luck Happens

Sure, in these tough economic times, we can expect things at least not exactly to go to plan. Even prosperity can play hide and seek, phone tag, “I wonder what happened”, and the like. That is when you must get vigilant as well as creative with your investments. This article will provide that understanding.

Why You Should Open a Roth IRA

If you have been putting off investing your money, then it’s time you get started. Although the recent stock market decline has made a lot of people worried and shy away from investing their money, you need to think of this with a long term perspective.

Benefits of Your 401k

We all know that we have to save for our future retirement. What is the most effective way to accomplish your goal? If you have ten or more years to retirement, I would argue your best investment vehicle is to get involved in your company’s 401k or equivalent retirement savings plan. Ideally you’ll want to contribute the maximum amount that you are permitted by law.

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