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I wanted to take some time and do a quick public service announcement. Whether you are a beginner trader who is wondering how to get started, or, you’re a veteran trader but simply like free stuff (haha!), this video is for you! For you beginner traders, in order to buy and sell stocks, options, cryptocurrency, you will need what is called an “online broker”. A key part of an online broker is the “platform” they provide to you. This platform is what will give you the data you need to help you in your decision making process of when to buy and when to sell. Another hugely important aspect of a broker’s platform is this: does it give you the ability to practice trading without using real money? (known as “paper trading”, “demo trading”, “simulator trading”). The broker and platform I talk about in this video does all of these, and more! On top of this, if you use this link you will be given up to 12 free stocks (but at least a minimum of six). If you are not a new trader who is just getting started, then hey… why not throw a few free stocks into your portfolio? Seems like a solid risk vs. reward to me! Get signed up today!

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