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I-Bonds Explained in Detail:

I know! It sounds like a scam! It sounds like some kind of sleazy sales pitch where all you are saying to yourself is, “I’m not a sucker! What’s the catch?!?!” First off, good on you for being extra skeptical and looking at this 9.6% return on investment with a leery eye! Assuming you believe that the USA government is not going to disappear from the fact of the earth, then this 9.6% return on investment is essentially guaranteed. Once again, I know… now I’m talking about guaranteed returns??? Yes, I am! As long as the USA government is alive and operating, then these returns are indeed guaranteed! But let’s be real, if the USA government is not alive and operating, I’m thinking the majority of us will have much larger issues to worry about! If you consider yourself someone who likes to have diversity within your investments and wealth building strategies, then you should certainly consider making an investment into this asset. It’s one of the areas where I have invested to grow my wealth and while I understand we are all different in our money ambitions and goals, 9.6% return on investment in my opinion makes a whole lot of sense to at least consider.

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