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It’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s talk about a different kind of love today – the love of finding businesses to invest in! Just as picking the right spouse is important, picking the right companies is important if you want to enjoy financial freedom and secure retirement.

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Plan Your Retirement With Roth IRA

If you are looking for a tax free growth in your retirement plan Roth IRA is the solution for you. If you believe that the tax rates might increase or if you believe that your income may be relatively high then too IRA is the answer for your problems. It is one of the most attractive ways to become financially independent in your post-retirement years.

401K Investing For Beginners

Most people investing money in a 401k plan in 2011 and beyond will likely feel like confused beginners because they don’t understand the various investment options. Investing in a 401k has great advantages and can be as simple as investing gets, even for beginners. Now that I’ve told you that let me prove it.

Understanding Important 401k Rollover Rules

There are various 401k rollover rules in force that prohibit the withdrawal of funds at specific times without incurring a hefty penalty charge. There are many advantages that are on offer by taking out a 401k account in your name, most of all it can help to ensure you have an adequate amount of capital available to spend in your retirement years.

Why 401(K) Is The Ultimate Sacred Cow Of Money – Part 2

After the US Congress passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) in 1974, the rules of money for people have changed. From then on, retirees could no longer depend on their employers to provide for them even when they are not working. Instead, retirees become forced to enter the stock market via the new defined contribution pension plans like 401(k). Today, many might think of the 401(k) as an ingenious financial creation. To me, it is a cunning lie to dupe the financially ignorant. To know more, please read on!

Why 401(K) Is The Ultimate Sacred Cow Of Money – Part 3

Given the passing of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act in 1974, employees from then on become forced to fend for themselves after retirement as employers are no longer legally obliged to support them. Because of this, the old Industrial Age mindset of finding a job and holding it for life is no longer valid. In fact, this entitlement mentality is harmful because it causes people to be lazy and dependent on others. Today, this same mentality is reflected in the 401(k) pension plan where lazy people count on ‘experts’ to grow their retirement nest egg. For those who do so, I don’t believe that this works to your best interests. To know why, I challenge you to read on!

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