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Do It Yourself (”DIY”) investing! Should you do it? Well.. it depends, but that’s what I will show you in this video. If you are a beginner to the world of investing and the financial markets, let me walk you through a step-by-step thought process to help you figure out if you should do the DIY investing approach. There are some key dynamics to this decision making process that need to be addressed in order to give you the most clarity. The good news is, thanks to the technology we have available to us, do it yourself investing is more possible than it’s ever been. The barrier to entry is so small that there really is no excuses on why you can’t invest on your own, if you want. When all is said and done, the decision essentially boils down to whether or not the effort required on your part is worth the outcome and results. We all value our time differently which is why I can not say one way or another for your personal decision; however, what I can do is walk you through some numbers to help you visualize and understand the “is it worth it?” component. As someone who has a great passion for the world of trading and investing, I hope you do choose to invest for yourself, but, let’s make sure it is the best decision for you! Let me walk you through a few considerations and perspectives to help you reach the decision that will best suit your needs and investing goals!

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