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Understanding the steps for creating an investment plan is a critical part of the process, and should be based on your goals and objectives. That’s why today, I want to explain the steps you must take to build an investment plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

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Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Getting started
00:39 – Things to consider
00:52 – Self-evaluation
01:46 – Define your goals
04:21 – Pick investments
06:08 – Question


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Real Estate Plus IRA Equals Real Estate IRA – A Secured Future

With the enactment of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act in 1975 came the creation of the Individual Retirement Accounts. Self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts were granted during this time. The most common investment in this type of account was the speculation in real estate. Thus came the Real Estate Individual Retirement Account.

Life of A King – Self Directed IRA

I know all of us want our retirement to be as good as the life of the kings or royalties. The self directed IRA is one of the key to your dream house and the good thing about it is you can control your assets for your retirement. With the different kinds of IRA like 401k, you can see all the return or profit in a year and that’s for sure! But what will happen if your funds that is invested in some bonds and stocks goes down? In this case, you could say goodbye to your dream house, car, etc.

The Disadvantages of a Real Estate IRA

If you are an investor who is looking for a good retirement investment, there are many options that are laid down for you. Retirement comes in different age; you can be 20 or 50 years old. Regardless of what you choose to do, someday retirement will come. Retirement will provide you all the free time you never had when you were working, which is why planning on investing your hard earned money for your retirement matters. One of the best options now is to go for Real Estate IRA. This type of investment plan where in you will be able to have the benefits of tax bonuses and your fund will be tax free is considered the top option of all.

Real Estate IRA – The Most Important Things You Should Know

Real Estate IRA is an investment plan that gives out a profitable tool for widening your investment choices. Not just stocks, bonds and mutual funds. This kind of option is not advertised well by agents, it is either because of ignorance of the outcome or just because they will not make much money out of it. In any way, this kind of investment to real estate is legal, advantageous and possible. You need though to understand all the rules regarding the process and its difference from the traditional retirement investment so that you will have confident decisions when planning this kind of investment plan.

Self-Directed IRA – Prohibitions and Permissions

The Self-Directed IRA is an IRA account used for investments regarding the retirement plan of an individual to make investments and assessment regarding investments. The IRS or Internal Revenue Service has regulations that require a capable custodian or trustee for handling the IRA properties of the IRA proprietor.

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