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One of the most important tools of Rule #1 investing is a stock watchlist. In this video I tell you what a stock watchlist is, how to set one up, and the advantages that a stock watchlist can provide to investors who make use of one.

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IRA Information – Knowing What You Need to Know to Make a Better Choice

There are many ways to find information on various fields and one of the most convenient ways of doing it is online. For persons who are considering retirement as something that has to be seriously considered, there are actually a lot of information media that they could look into. But the difficult part is actually the decision making part.

401k Rollover to Roth IRA – A Way of Doing It

Sometimes in life we need to consider our options and find ways and means to enhance our conditions. The improvement is being called for by various situations that may more or less have a significant impact in our lives. Usually these things are necessities, and sometimes we need to make upgrades that are appropriate to adjust with the tides of time.

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Retirement is a very important matter to people who are aware of the current and possible future events in their lives. Usually people would put some money on an IRA account with mutual funds. There are many variations of IRAs but the most common and popular among people right now is the Roth IRA. This is more flexible and implies more tax advantage than compared to other IRAs.

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Sometimes people make choices because they need to, because others are making similar choices and the trending seems to appear great. The people, who make choices without making a full understanding of the choices they make, are going to suffer for most part the things that are not known to them. We normally do things out of influence or because of the trending.

What You Should Look For in a Self Directed IRA Custodian

When selecting a self directed IRA custodian you must give it a lot of thought and search for one who will help you to make your investments the way you want, teach you all the rules and regulations regarding taxes and one who will not try to act on his own but only under your direction so that you are in control of your accounts. There are many so called self directed IRA custodians that have a finger in many pies. They act as stock brokers, bank employees and traders and have a little knowledge about everything but not specialized in anything specific.

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