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Cloning refers to the strategy of following or copying the ideas of famous investors or fund managers. In this clip from the latest InvestED podcast episode, Danielle and I discuss why and how Rule #1 investors can take advantage of online tools and clone investing gurus.

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00:00 – Dataroma and SEC overview
05:45 – Investors to follow
07:03 – Rule #1 investing strategy
07:38 – Investor characteristics to look for


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The Penalties for Self Dealing in a Self-Directed IRA

Having a self-directed IRA can open up your retirement savings to a new set of investing possibilities. With a self-directed IRA you can invest in real estate, make private equity investments, invest in tax liens and even make mortgage loans to unrelated third parties.

Advantages of Converting One or More of Your Current Retirement Accounts Into a Self-Directed IRA

Many people are unhappy with the performance of their IRA. Limited in their investment opportunities, they often end up spending more in fees than they earn. Their savings is stagnant at best. It’s no way to save for retirement. If you’re tired of watching your retirement savings’ lackluster performance then you may be interested in transferring some of it into a self-directed IRA.

3 Reasons You Should Read Your 401(K) Statement

When is the last time you took more than a few seconds to review your quarterly 401(k) statement? Most people only take a quick glance to see if they made or lost money over the last three months before placing the document in a filing cabinet. The reality is if it has been more than a year or two since you reviewed your 401(k) statement in detail, you are likely putting your financial security during retirement at risk.

Self Directed IRA Must-Knows

Would you be retiring anytime soon or in the near future? Then it’s now time to get your own retirement account to be able to have a great retirement. The popular choice of retirement account nowadays is actually the self-directed individual retirement account.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Real Estate With a Self-Directed IRA

The self-directed IRA can be an extremely powerful tool for building up your retirement nest egg. With the proper custodian, you’ll be able to invest in assets that many IRA custodians choose not to allow. One of the most popular investments within a self-directed IRA is real estate.

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