How To Buy Gold IRA

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How To Buy Gold IRA

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Hello, and welcome to the most charming gold investment channel on YouTube, I am your host, the Gold Investment Nerd! On this channel I provide investors with information which is principled, genuine and balanced.

In today’s video, we will be discussing the topic of how to buy gold IRA, and I will also include some links below the video for the gold investment firm who I rank as #1 for gold IRAS, and you can receive a 100% FREE gold investment kit from them!

On this channel you will find a range of videos covering all aspects of investing in physical gold bullion, from buying bars and coins for direct ownership to holding bullion in a retirement account. I created this channel as a means of helping to educate investors about the multiple benefits that investing in gold can provide.

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How To Buy Gold IRA – Overview

Gold. Perhaps it is the most appealing of all assets. It has many qualities which set it apart from other assets like mutual funds of stocks. You can touch, see and smell gold. It does not degrade, and it cannot be damaged by water or fire. During periods of economic instability, such as inflation or stock market crashes, it is renowned for its ability to maintain and increase its value.

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Investors may have many reasons for investing in gold as part of their individual retirement accounts, IRAs. However the most common reason is to diversify their portfolio. Investors who hold standard investments in their IRAs, such as bonds and stocks, have a greater risk exposure than those who have diversified their portfolios with alternative investments. Gold is an ideal asset to hold in an IRA as it provides a hedge against inflation.

There are only a few commodities which the IRS allow IRAs to be invested in, and gold is one of the chosen few! So, let’s look at how a gold IRA works.

What Is A Gold IRA?

If you are considering holding gold as part of your retirement fund it is important to know that you cannot hold it as part of your regular retirement account. Instead, you must open a separate account, a gold or precious metals IRA.

Gold IRAS work in a very similar fashion to a standard individual retirement account. Both account types have the same limits on how much you can contribute to them, and both are subject to the same rules around distribution. The main differences, however, lie in the assets which can be held in them.

Standard IRAs are only permitted to hold paper assets, such as mutual funds and stocks. Gold IRAs are different though, these IRAS are permitted to hold physical bullion products in them. They are allowed to hold gold bars and coins, as well as silver, platinum and palladium bars and coins too. There are some rules around what bullion is allowed to be added to a gold IRA, and how it is stored.

What Gold Is Allowed In An IRA?
The ability to hold gold, and other precious metals, in a retirement account is relatively new, as it only came about when Congress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act in 1997. This act allowed for investors to hold physical bullion products as part of their retirement. There are rules around this though.

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