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Investing is a process and doesn’t come easily overnight. It can take years and years of practice and discipline to become a successful investor. In this video I give you 5 tips to help you feel more confident about investing.

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The IRA Account and Its Function Explained

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account and it is a special account for saving and investing. An IRA is designed to aid in earning money for things such as retirement and college. This article will explain the basics of the way an IRA account functions.

Understanding the Stretch IRA

A stretch IRA enables your beneficiaries to receive benefits for decades; it is available through the stretch IRA. It is not very complicated in terms of star-up, but implementing the plan can be a whole other ballpark. If you have an IRA then consulting an Estate Planner specifically versed in IRAs is advisable. But, why opt for the stretch IRA? There are some very good reasons.

IRA Limits Are Unavoidable

There continue to be some people who mistakenly believe that they can get around the current IRA limits by juggling their contributions over several IRAs at once. While this idea might sound good in theory, the fact is that it just doesn’t work. Regardless of how many IRA or Roth IRA accounts you have, the maximum annual contribution is calculated on your total contributions to all of them.

2008 IRA Contribution Limits Have Changed

It has been some time since the nation’s lawmakers have addressed the contribution limits of individual retirement accounts (IRAs), but recent alterations in the guidelines have attempted to make up for lost time. If you own an IRA it is important for you to know how these changes affect your account and what they allow you to do. Here is a brief overview of the changes made since the 2008 IRA contribution limits were in effect.

What Exactly is an IRA Rollover?

An IRA rollover involves withdrawing a portion of your employer-sponsored plan (that is qualified)–e.g. a 401k or profit sharing account–or IRA and moving the rest to another institution, like a custodian, bank or trustee (sometimes called administrators). However, you do not have to take a distribution. In this case, the transfer would not officially be called a ‘rollover’ in the IR S’s eye, because you did not touch the money. Doing so, you save yourself a 10% penalty on your nest-egg.

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