How to Avoid this (common) Beginner Day Trader Mistake

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Most beginner day traders make the mistake I’ll show you in this video, myself included when I got started in trading almost two decades ago! The cruel irony of this beginner mistake is truly how easy it is to avoid, if you know how. This is the problem! When you’re brand new as a beginner day trader, you don’t know what you don’t know. In fact, as a beginner you don’t even know it’s a problem until it’s too late. I’m happy to report that when I say it is “easy to avoid”, I am not being dramatic or offering up click-bait. In this video I will show you a, free, tool you can use that will assist you avoiding those undesirable (but preventable) situations. Often times as trader, the best way to make money is to simply avoid doing dumb things. As Benjamin Franklin says, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, so if we can save some money by avoiding mistakes, that’s just as good as making money! In order for me to set-up the context of this problem, I first want to show you my magical ability to predict the future. I promise, there is no editing or misdirection going on within the first part of the video. I also promise you I will pullback the curtain and show you how I pulled off the magic trick in predicting the exact time an event would happen. If you are not using this tool within your trading (especially given it’s free), you are just begging to make mistakes that will cost you money! Learn about this tool and start using it today!

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