How the US Dollar is Better than Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency)

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Yes, I said it: the US Dollar is better an Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter! I know this will upset many of the hardcore Bitcoin investors and those with diamond hands; however, all I ask is you give me a chance to explain and I think you’ll be surprised at the conclusion. I’m all for building wealth and creating financial freedom for yourself via multiple streams of income and investments, but we’ve all seen those Bitcoin/cypto people who are “all in”. They can not be convinced of anything and are at maximum conviction that crypto and Bitcoin is the best place to maintain and grow value. While I can fully respect their investment approach and commend them for looking to build their wealth (as opposed to squandering their money), I want to shed some light on a recent historical event that illustrates one of the flaws within Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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Silver Projections

Silver projections of the future are rosy. This is a precious metal that is used in 2,000 different industries and should be at a 10:1 ratio, compared to gold, according to some experts.

Can I Acquire Silver?

There are a few reasons to own silver aside from gold. 1st, it’s more cost effective! Known as poor people’s gold, people that have limited budgets just might discover it easier to invest in

Why Buying Gold Coins Is the Best Investment Option

In a country like India, where gold jewellery is purchased and worn with fervor, gold coins don’t often hold as much excitement and interest. While most Indian families follow the belief that buying gold is a safe investment, not many think beyond traditional gold jewellery. But if you have been considering increasing your gold investment, then here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in gold coins.

Gold, A Source Of Quick Money

Gold is one of the best investments anyone can do. Selling gold is also an easy option to get quick money. Depending on the weight of gold and its purity, a good dealer can easily fetch you a fair amount of money. So it’s time you take that gold out and enhance some bucks in your wallet.

Investing in Gold and Silver

Gold or silver is something you buy if you think that our current “money” is going to end badly. For the Past 6,000 Years, the most sought-after form of asset protection has been gold or silver.

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