How the Federal Reserve Will Cause a Recession

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Thanks to a comment from a viewer, it created the idea for further explanation in regards to how the federal reserve will cause a recession. In my previous video I made some very bold claims that an economic recession will happen in the USA. Again, thanks for this comment I will show you, I will be able to go into more details of how and why the recession will happen. The one blind spot in my logic is whether or not we can trust the federal reserve. Assuming they do behave in the way they say they will, then there is no doubt in my mind, a recession (or worse?) is coming our way. What if they are just bluffing and do nothing? Well, you could argue that will be even worse as the “do nothing” solution means inflation will only continue to fly out of control! In other words, the only fix to our current inflation issues is for a recession to happen. I realize the mainstream media does not say this, but it’s the truth and the guaranteed conclusion given how the markets… actually… work! I know I’m making some bold claims, but when you understand how the incentive structure in the markets work via “risk taking”, you’ll see these dynamics have no other end point than a recession. Let me show you how this will all unfold…

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