How Many Day Trading Tools Should You Use as a Trader?

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I 100% your thought process is wanting all kinds of trading tools and functionality within your trading platform. I am with you in thinking that trading computers with several monitors and dozens of technical charts look awesome! However, is having all kinds of choices and options as a trader as productive and freeing as it may seem? This is a very common bridge that many traders fail to cross (myself included when I was starting) in a safe way. You would think that in order to have success as a trader you should be operating at maximum flexibility and freedom in terms of choices available, but what does the world of psychology think about this? Believe it or not, jam can help us gain insight into this world of decision making and human psychology. If you are struggling as a trader and just can’t quite seem to pinpoint what the problem is, you better be considering what science has to say about this topic of “choice”. Let’s get to it!

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