How Long Can They Keep This Thing Going? SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap 07.09.21

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This week, the IMF undercut the Fed’s “transitory” inflation narrative, warning about the possibility of sustained inflation in the US. But the real question remains unanswered – what will the Fed do about it? In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap podcast, host Mike Maharrey talks about the options on the table. None of them seem particularly good. That raises another question: how long can the politicians and central bankers keep this thing going?

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How to Ensure You Are Getting a Good Price at a Gold Party

Gold parties have become quite popular of late but still there is a lot that is unclear about these events. Some people are skeptical about these events because they aren’t sure that they will get a good price for their gold at these parties.

Don’t Invest In Fools’ Gold

The market is nervous. Foreign governments are falling. Oil is climbing. People are talking about inflation. Is now the time to pull the trigger and invest in gold? “Should I contact Goldline or one of the numerous gold suppliers I see being pitched by the talking heads on tv?” you ask? Well, to put it simply, no!

Why Many Investors Prefer Classic European Gold Coins

In today’s precious metals market, it allows you to have the opportunity to diversify your financial portfolio. Gold is one of the best safe haven assets that helps to provide protection against a failing and falling US dollar. Ultimately it helps to protect you by hedging from the inevitable inflation.

What If The Government Confiscates Gold?

A proper position is gold is also private and stores the value of your hard earned labor rather than the fiat paper money system that is being printed away. The government confiscated gold in 1933 and with our present governments massive debt, could they do it again? What would the price of gold be at?

Gold – The New Reserve Currency

There is talk of a new currency fully backed by gold. Whether or not if gold becomes part of a new currency backing or it fully backs the new proposed currency, it is very bullish for the price of gold. Any small dips that we see in the price of gold today represent great buying opportunities for tremendous profits ahead!

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