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This is a great opportunity to invest in stocks and help make the world a better place. Today, I discuss how following time-tested investing strategies can set yourself up for financial success, while boosting and supporting the companies you love.

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Time Stamps:

00:21 – Impact of recent market downturn
01:16 – Rule #1 investing opportunity
01:50 – Economic events
02:05 – It matters where you put your money
02:46 – Making the world a better place
04:11 – Shares and cash flow
05:14 – Ways companies use stocks
06:27 – Vote your values
07:17 – Bad CEO behaviors
08:22 – Willingness to buy
9:53 – Question and recap


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Tapping Into Your Roth IRA Penalty Free

One of the greatest features of the Roth IRA is that qualified withdrawals are tax-free. To be a qualified withdrawal, the distribution must be taken after you have reached age 59 ½ and after the account has been open for five years. While Roth IRAs are meant to be long-term retirement savings, there may be times or circumstances in which you’ll need to tap into your Roth IRA before you reach age 59 1/2, especially in today’s struggling economy. So how can you tap into your Roth IRA before age 59 1/2 without incurring penalties?

Roth IRA: Education Expenses Can Be Paid From Roth IRA Penalty Free

Many parents struggle with how they are going to save for their kids’ college expenses while saving for retirement at the same time. Roth IRAs are very flexible investment vehicles, making them a good choice for parents who are juggling saving for college and retirement. As always there are some rules to follow when using your Roth IRA to pay for college expenses, so make sure you understand the rules before you take a withdrawal.

Convert Your IRA and 401k to a Self Directed IRA

Considering the state of the economy, which makes more sense; you controlling your IRA investments or someone else? Okay, if you said you would rather have a say in where you place your future financial gains, over someone else, then you need to learn a few things on how to get started in a Self Directed IRA account.

How to Start Investing in a Roth IRA

Do you want to start socking away money for retirement? Use these steps to get started.

Simple Rules to Follow for a 401k

Today most employers offer a 401k to their employees. It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to save for retirement. Most times you just fill in the amount or percentage you want to save in the 401k.

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