How China Will Affect the Global Economy | Phil Town

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It’s no surprise that the Chinese economy has impacted the United States following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does this mean for the global economy? Today I discuss the future of globalism and what we can do to prepare as investors.

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Think the Health Care Benefits Are Tough? Wait Until You See the 401k Investment Options!

What is it about 401k investment options that make your eyes glaze over? Basically, making investment decisions without any advise is a non-starter for most employees ~ even at the highest executive levels. A recent Charles Schwab study found that more than sixty percent of plan participants said their health care benefits are easier to understand.

How to Add Colors to Your Retired Life?

Add colors to retired life? It is something not palatable to mind? Or is it a topic far away from your thinking process?

Post Retirement Life – Plan Well to Enjoy It

In general, retirement is one stage, all employed or working person wait with anxiety. Though every one wish to lead a comfortable and contented retired life, when the day appear in front of him or her in reality – It is tough to face it. At the age of 65, he or she comes across a different situation just opposite to his or her calculations and belief.

Retirement Planning – Read More About It

Retirement planning appears in front of many people when they reach almost at the fag end of their service. They chose to enjoy the fruits of life in the golden days and just forget that a tomorrow is waiting for them where one has to say good bye from service and forget about the regular monthly pay packets. The ever increasing financial needs and the multiplying cost of living will appear before him as a ghost on retirement day.

Retirement – Make It the Rocking Phase of Life!

“Losers live in the past; Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present towards the future.” This is undoubtedly one of those motivational quotes of all time! It is only the person who works today and plans tomorrow and works towards it, who can lead a successful retirement life.

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