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One of the things that makes a company great is a MOAT. When there is the presence of a strong moat a company can dominate their specific industry or niche without fear of competition – making their shareholders a lot of money. Here’s how Apple created their moat.

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Roth IRA Withdrawal Penalty

This article covers penalties associated with withdrawing from your Roth IRA account early. You should also keep in mind prior to withdrawing from your Roth IRA that beyond the Roth IRA withdrawal penalty, you will hamper your future retirement nest egg by missing out on years of compound interest.

401k Accounts

So, what are 401k accounts and why are they so important? If you are just entering the workforce, then it is a word that you should quickly become familiar with, as these accounts are essentially retirement savings plans with special rules that were created to help benefit workers and ease the burden of taxes that tends to come with saving money. The term 401k actually refers to the section in the Internal Revenue Code that outlines the rules for how money can be saved at a lower tax rate.

What is the Penalty For Withdrawing From a 401k?

The heavy penalties for withdrawing before retirement age reduce your savings and will greatly damage your retirement plans. If you’re serious about doing this it’s important to know that you can’t do this anytime, and that there are a lot of rules for how to go about doing it.

Beginners Guide to Online 401k Investing

Many people are continually searching for ways to invest towards retirement wisely both offline and online. However, if you are planning on investing online for retirement purposes, there are numerous aspects of the process that you need to be aware of, especially if you are a novice at investing.

Will You Have Enough Money to Retire?

In a recent July 2009 Baby Boomer Magazine article, 52% of Baby Boomers will not have enough money to comfortably retire. Additionally, the article noted that the percentage of people who would rely on part time work to supplement their retirement shortfall is increasing. A US News article dated July 2009 stated only 22% of retirees now spend what they want as compared to 38% just a year ago.

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