Holding and Hoping is DANGEROUS…

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If there is one common mistake I see from beginner day traders who are just getting started, it is using a strategy that can severely hinder your ability to have overall success. What is this strategy? The famous “hold and hope”. We’ve all been there before, so I’m not casting judgement from the point of “I am the perfect trader”, but more-so from the point of, “I’ve been there before! Learn from my pain!”. In order to have success as a day trader, you need to be competitive and have a stubborn side to you in terms of “I don’t give up!”; however, if you directly apply this to your day trading strategy, there are gonna be problems! What kind of problems? Well, instead of me sitting here and trying to explain everything with words and “theory”, how about I just show you exactly what I mean with some of my personal day trading results? This way you can see with your own eyes just how risky and dangerous the “holding and hoping” strategy is. Let’s get to it and start learning!

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