$HKD and The Truth About Short Squeeze Stocks

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I’m sure you’ve seen stock ticker symbol $HKD somewhere! I mean, we gotta give credit where credit is due, the stock has gone bonkers! Even from when I recorded this video, the stock continued to sky rocket and go crazy. For you beginner traders out there who are just getting started, $HKD is what is known as a short squeeze stock. These stocks can quickly become popular across social media and sites such as Reddit due to their explosive nature and price movements; however, there’s way more than what meets the eyes. When I was just getting started as a day trader, I would have simply looked at the percentage gain the stock has moved and thought, “Oh wow! This is crazy!”, but the more I’ve learned over the decades, the more I now know this is a way too simplistic viewpoint. What do I mean? In the world of short squeeze stocks, there are two worlds. There is the surface deep “how much it went up” world, which is not very useful. And then there is the “what was the risk involved trying to make money from the short squeeze event?” world, and this is the world that matters. Let me explain how and why in this video!

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