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For some reason learning how to invest has been twisted into a complicated activity that seems like only experts can pull off successfully, but that’s just not true! Let’s talk about a few things that no one wants you to know about investing…

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IRA Investment Options – The Right Way to Prepare For Your Retirement

What are the advantages of the various IRA investment options? The chief benefit of your savings in IRAs, is they mature as tax-deferred – meaning the earnings, gains and profits in your IRA are not taxed every year, they are instead reinvested for more growth and higher rates of return. This maintains your assets to produce more revenues and permits your contributed funds to compound.

What Do You Know About Your 401k Plan? In Planning For Your Retirement, Ignorance is Not Bliss

For many, their 401k is the largest asset they own worth more than their homes in many cases! But it also tells me that many people send 5-15% of their income to a vehicle that they know very little about. Isn’t that frighening? I think so!

The Self-directed 401k – A Better Option

When you consider funding your retirement, a self-directed 401k plan may offer employees better options and opportunities to earn bigger investment returns and get more cash. Employer-supplied plans lay down a certain number of investment vehicles available for employees. But for self-directed plans, there is an unlimited array of investment options that provide more control.

Three Issues 401(k) Trustees Often Overlook

Recent stock market conditions have created additional concerns as to whether plan sponsors are doing their job. Since we are on the front lines every day, we’ve compiled a list of three things we often see plan trustees overlook.

Roth IRA Benefits – Best IRA With Rising Tax Rates

Three primary benefits of a Roth IRA. It is the best IRA with rising tax rates. You can leave a larger portion to your heirs. Thirdly, you can continue to contribute to your account. About major differences between traditional IRA accounts and Roth accounts.

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