Hanlon’s Razor: How It Will Make You A Great Day Trader!

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Understanding this will make you a great day trader! I swear, the world of psychology is so amazingly connected to the world of trading the financial markets. Whether you are trading crypto, stocks, options, futures or baseball cards, psychology plays a huge role in the success (or failure) of traders. I recently came across the concept known as Hanlon’s Razor and was shocked at just how well it could explain some behaviors that I’ve seen time and time again over the years. I started this channel and my site, claytrader.com, back in 2013 so I have years of experience in terms of observations. I can say with an abundance of confidence that many traders, myself included, would greatly benefit from understanding and applying Hanlon’s Razor to their trading. The more in tune with your mental framework you can get as a trader, the better position you are setting yourself up for success. It’s not always fun to talk about emotions and what may be causing them; however, if you want to sharpen your skills as much as possible, it’s required. Hanlon’s Razor does a fantastic job of doing exactly that.

Article in Video – Read it HERE (https://fs.blog/2017/04/mental-model-hanlons-razor/)

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