Government Wrecks Everything It Touches! SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap 09.10.21

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The government is always promising to fix things. It has policies to fix the economy, fix foreign countries, and even fix the pandemic. But as Friday Gold Wrap podcast host Mike Maharrey explains in this episode, instead of fixing things, the government wrecks everything it touches.

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American Gold Eagles Offer An Attractive Choice To Invest In Gold

Several counties around the world have minted gold coins, but by far the most popular and demanded coin continues to be the American Eagles. The United States Central Authority guarantees the actual gold coins purity, weight and content of these coins. It has not always been this way the South African Krugerrand was the coin of choice for investor for many years, that was until 1985 when the U.S. started minting their own coins.

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Money has long been an important aspect of life; ever since the rise and later domination of Capitalism over the western world. Making money therefore is key to enjoying life, quite apart from enjoying the finer things in life, which requires a more than average income. To this end, many look to invest their cash for greater gains; it is here that investing in silver, gold, other precious metals and so forth becomes so attractive.

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