Gov. DeSantis in Bed with Credit Card Companies?!?!

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To be fair, maybe I am misunderstanding or reading too deep into this topic; however, if I’m not, then this some shady stuff! The state of Florida and it’s governor, Ron DeSantis, has implemented some requirements into the educational system in regards to personal finance. On the surface, I am all for policy that helps to teach students about personal finances and taking control over your money. With that being said, this seemingly positive requirement can turn sour quite quickly depending on the actual agenda being taught. This is where things begin to, potentially, get shady. Upon looking through the agenda, I’m seeing some teaching topics that seem to carry with them some false narratives. If you live in Florida and have a student who is currently going through this curriculum, then please leave a comment below offering up any points of clarification. From my current understanding and the way the agenda reads, it carries with it some false narratives regarding credit cards that I hate. So much so it begs the question, have the credit card companies paid off the politicians to teach this agenda in a certain way? Let me show you what I mean…

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