GoldCo: HONEST REVIEW (2021 Revisit)

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Interested in gold or silver investing, but don’t know where to start? At, we’ve got your back. This week, we reviewed Goldco, one of the most popular names when it comes to precious metals IRAs, to help you decide whether this service is right for you.

Goldco is a company based in California. Since 2006, Goldco has helped investors roll their retirement savings into a self-directed IRA containing gold or silver bullion, provided they have at least $25,000 to open an account.

GoldCo was founded by entrepreneur Trevor Gerszt, a South African immigrant to the United States who grew up with a fascination for collectible coinage. After a career in the real estate market, Trevor pivoted to precious metals. Trevor founded Goldco to help investors diversify with low mintage coins that they can’t find anywhere else.

With Goldco, investors can only purchase eligible metals from their exclusive catalog. In our books, this is a major downside. The upside, however, is that you don’t have to vet your gold bullion to ensure it meets the IRS’s criteria—Goldco takes care of that for you. The catch is that you can only pick the bullion they sell, at whatever prices they demand.

Speaking of prices, Goldco’s aren’t the most competitive or transparent. After scheduling a sales call, we found out that Goldco charges $175 annually, which increases to $225 annually after crossing the $100,000 threshold. However, they reimburse one year of storage fees per $25,000 invested in the form of like-value silver bullion deposited directly into your vault.

Already have precious metals in an IRA? Well, unfortunately, you’re out of luck with Goldco. Any assets added to your Goldco IRA have to be purchased through Goldco.

One of the upsides of Goldco is that it’s widely trusted and well-reviewed. For example, Goldco has over 200 positive reviews on TrustLink and an A+ rating from the Better Busines Bureau.

If you’re a collector, you’re in luck. Goldco occasionally lists exclusive gold and silver coinage you can’t find anywhere else, like the 20th Anniversary Silver Britannias.

Setting up an account with Goldco was relatively easy and involved no physical paperwork. After contacting Goldco we had a call with a sales rep scheduled for the same day and documents ready for e-signature. However, we tested their email support team. They didn’t respond to our urgent query for over 48 hours, which is significantly slower than some of their competitors.

Goldco has four main flaws: first, their many restrictions on the types of precious metals you’re allowed to add to your account; second, the high minimum deposit of $25,000; third, their lack of transparency regarding account fees and charges; and fourth, they only carry gold and silver bullion, which leaves out other precious metals like palladium and platinum.

Our honest opinion is that Goldco might be worth a shot if you’re a hands-off investor specifically interested in a Precious Metal IRA company that handles it all for you and aren’t too concerned about their limited coin selection.

Now, things may have changed over at GoldCo since we produced this review, so we highly recommend you request their free investment kit to get a better idea of their products, prices and promotions. We also recommend that you call them and ask about their prices and fees. If they aren’t transparent about their prices right off the bat, that’s a red flag in our books. Take care, and see you in the next video!

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