GoldCo Direct Review

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Investing in gold and silver is a big step. There is a lot of money involved. With that being said it is obvious that you wouldn’t want to trust just anyone with your gold purchase. That is why we have created a series of gold IRA company reviews, to help you be informed before you make a purchase. Today we bring you a review of GoldCo Direct.

GoldCo is a gold and silver seller that specializes in precious metal IRAs. Just because they specialize in IRAs doesn’t mean that they don’t also deal in physical possession purchases. GoldCo Direct has a lot of options when it comes to gold and silver purchasing. In fact, they offer a lot of products on their website that aren’t IRA compatible.

One of the great things about the GoldCo Direct website is that it offers a lot of resources to buyers. You can browse a selection of materials, which includes downloadable guides, past gold price charts, and current gold prices. They also have a customer service line for people to call if they still have questions after viewing the material available on their website.

When it comes to Better Business Bureau ratings, GoldCo Direct holds an A+ rating and is an accredited business. They have had two complaints in the last three years but those two complaints are more than a year old. Nine customers have noted on the BBB website that they have had a positive interaction with GoldCo Direct, none have rated a negative experience. The Business Consumer Alliance has GoldCo Direct Rated at a AAA rating with no complaints against them.

Gold is a big investment and it is great to want knowledge before you take a step into that investment. If you want more information before you invest in gold, visit our website at We have plenty of resources for those interested in getting into the gold investment world. You can also watch more of our videos for information on other gold IRA companies.

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GoldCo Direct Review

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