Gold IRA Rollover Guide

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Gold IRA Rollover Guide

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Hello, and welcome to the most exciting gold investment channel on YouTube! I am the Gold Investment Nerd, and I will be your host for this gold IRA rollover guide video. I have also included some links below the video for the company who are my top recommended gold IRA firm, and you can receive a FREE gold IRA kit from them!

I publish brand new videos every day, covering all topics relevant to investing in physical gold bullion, from setting up a gold IRA rollover to buying gold bullion bars to store your wealth, and even investing rare, numismatic coins. I started this channel to help educate investors on the excellent opportunities that can come about when you invest in gold.

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Gold IRA Rollover Guide

Many people who own retirement accounts, such as a 403B or traditional IRA, have concerns that the bonds, stocks and mutual funds held in these accounts do not offer them enough security for their retirement, and so they look towards other options. One such option, which is growing in its popularity is the gold IRA.

The gold IRA is such a popular option because it allows investors to hold physical gold bullion in their retirement fund. This offers the chance to really diversify your portfolio, and bring some balance to it. When a portfolio holds a single asset, or singular asset class – such as bonds, stocks and shares – it carries a much higher exposure to risk than a portfolio with a variety of assets held in it. Because gold, and other precious metals like platinum, silver and palladium, are valued independently from the stock markets, it is an excellent asset to add to your portfolio and diversify it.

Converting a portion of your current retirement accounts into gold will put you in a much better position to deal with any number of economic mishaps that may occur throughout your working life prior to retiring. You will be better protected against political and economic turmoil, the continued debasement of the US dollar, crashes in the stock markets, and give you a hedge against inflation. To do this you would perform a gold IRA rollover, which is the process of opening a self-directed individual retirement account that is used to invest in physical gold bullion, and in this gold IRA rollover guide video, I will explain the process and how it all works.

Gold IRA Rollover Guide – What Is A Gold IRA Rollover?

A gold IRA rollover is no different from a standard IRA rollover, and refers to the process of moving funds from a retirement fund that you currently own – like a 401K or traditional IRA – into a self-directed IRA. The gold IRA should be opened with a specialist gold IRA firm or custodian. This is because the larger brokerage firms and custodians tend not to offer these kinds of accounts.

Because the account is self directed, it puts you in control of the assets that you hold in it; you have the opportunity to take control of your financial future and build a diversified portfolio. Once you have opened the account you need to fund it before you add any assets, and there are three main ways in which you can fund your new gold IRA. You can perform a standard rollover from your 401K, 403B or any other retirement account you have which is eligible.

There are are a couple of other options available to fund your new IRA account.

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