Gold Investing For Beginners

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Gold Investing For Beginners

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Hi, and welcome to the most mesmerizing gold investment channel on YouTube! I am your host The Gold Investment Nerd. I am originally from the UK but now working in the US. Given that I have over 10 years experience you can be rest assured that the information I present in my videos is sound, impartial and honest! I watch a lot of investment channels, and many of them seem to be going for more of a big budget video look and style. With my videos though, I will be aiming for substance over style, because I think that when it comes to investing, giving my viewers the correct information is the best route to take with my uploads.

I will publish videos offering sound information about direct ownership of gold, gold investing for beginners, gold IRAs, 401Ks, gold bullion bars and coins, the best way to invest in gold, and all manner of advice on gold as an investment, all with the aim of educating you on the unique opportunities that investing in gold can provide.

If you are new to the channel then please hit the subscribe button and the bell icon so you are notified of all future videos when I release them. And if you find the video to be helpful and educational, then please feel free to give the video a like and share it with friends or family who may find value in it too. Now, without further ado, lets begin with today’s Gold Investment video!

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In this video – Gold Investing For Beginners I will cover a variety of topics, and it is definitely going to be interesting, so make sure to stick around until the end of the video to find out all of the information I have to share with you. Also, throughout the presentation I will discuss the gold investment firm who are my #1 recommended firm to invest in gold bullion bars and coins with. In addition to this, I will also share with you the company who I believe are the best to invest in a gold IRA with, and I will include links to the websites of both companies in the description and comments section below the video.

Gold Investing For Beginners

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Because of the inherent value it holds, gold was previously utilized by governments and central banks around the world to maintain investor confidence in paper money. This was known as the gold standard, and it allowed those who held paper money to convert it to gold easily, and for a fixed price.

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Interested In A Gold IRA (FREE Gold IRA Guide) Click Here ►►►

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