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Hello and welcome to the Goldco News Brief. I’m your host, Kevin Douglas.

Financial insiders are warning investors of the risk of what they like to call “geopolitical” turmoil – and the negative impact it can have on investments.

When there is a lot of geopolitical turmoil happening around the world, financial markets often spiral into a downward tailspin. Alarmingly, as we’ve experienced – and continue to experience – large amounts of geopolitical turmoil this year, investors seem to remain mostly oblivious as they continue to pump investment dollars into a market that’s prime for correction.

Currently, we’re looking at several geopolitical issues that could very easily escalate, potentially sending us into yet another worldwide financial recession.

Right now, we’re seeing Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine’s occupation of the Crimea Peninsula and refusal to leave. We’re seeing the threat of ISIS expanding throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world. And we’re also seeing China’s willingness to become a cyber-threat with their recent hack into the US’s weather systems.

Again, these are all very clear examples of current geopolitical tensions that could causes the markets to crash.

The good news is that if these matters were to get worse and a recession was to happen, investors don’t have to accept losses. When a recession occurs, investors look to safe-haven investments like gold and silver. So, by investing in precious metals today while prices are still low, you could protect yourself against losses and actually earn money during market corrections and recessions; giving us yet another reason to start seriously considering gold!

Thank you for tuning in today, I’m Kevin Douglas and with the Goldco News Brief.

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