Elon Musk Does NOT Understand Short Selling Stocks…

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Elon Musk is obviously a very smart person and way more successful than any of us; however, that does not mean that extremely smart people can not throw misleading information into the general public. This is exactly what Elon Musk did relatively recently with a Twitter comment he made about short selling. The only reason I’m actually addressing this issue is because I’ve seen this faulty thought process now bleed into my comment section. He is getting people upset at shorts using a logic that simply is not true and does not make any sense. I have no issue at all if you think shorting is evil, sure, I disagree with you, but that’s fine if you don’t like it. But if someone dislikes shorting because of the reasoning and logic Elon Musk is throwing out there, in my mind, that’s a problem. You should be forming an opinion on a topic using actual fact and information, not analogies that misrepresent the topic. With all that being said, let’s get to this logic about shorting selling that really makes Elon Mus look like he does not understand short selling stocks!

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