Doubling Down: Silver & Commodities – Mike Maloney

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Join Mike Maloney, Jeff Clark and Adam Taggart as they discuss the most recent events in silver. You’ll hear news on a new book, see a chart that proves silver is manipulated, and one of the guests will be ‘honked’ for referring to currency as money….who will it be? Download Mike’s best-selling book for free here: Thanks for sharing and clicking that ‘Like’ button. For those wondering why our videos don’t appear in their subscription feed immediately – we release our clips to our free weekly email readers first, then later we publish to YouTube. Sometimes it’s just hours, sometimes it’s a couple of days later. This is to encourage people to join our free newsletter – because one day, we may not have YouTube to rely on. Join our free newsletter list by going to and entering your email address in the ‘Get Market Alerts’ box at the bottom of the page. As always, thank you for your support. M.

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Rare American Coins and Early Commemorative Half Dollars

The original reason for a commemorative coin’s existence was to raise money for whatever causes the coin commemorated. They have been fund raisers for expositions, monuments, Olympic events, and famous historical figures.

Why Are Modern Coins Being Graded As If They’re Rare American Coins?

I watch catalogs and online coin dealers promoting graded modern uncirculated silver and gold coins as if they are rare American coins because of their grade. Doesn’t the consumer know these coins are not rare, and in fact becoming more and more common as newly issued coins continue to get graded?

Working With Coin Dealers – The Benefits

Surprisingly, many people tend to overlook reliable coin buyers while negotiating and making their investments. Apart from allowing you to get better returns on your investments, coin dealers offer many other benefits. You can easily access coin buyers and expect to be treated decently as a coin collector or a coin investor.

3 Safe Ways to Secure Your Gold Bullion Investments

So you’ve finally decided to invest in precious metals like gold and silver as a hedge against inflation? If so, you’ve made a wise choice. However, now that you have your metal, be it in bullion or coins, you should be asking-how do I protect my precious metals investment?

How Investing In Gold Is Different From Other Strategies

Let’s address the elephant in the room: gold investing is nothing like buying stocks and mutual funds. This is something that is absolutely vital for any serious investor to understand, and to keep in mind that gold is an entirely different animal within the financial industry. An animal that is very much misunderstood. Not convinced? Well, without even getting into an economics discussion, simply ask yourself how do you feel about gold investing? When you think about stocks or bonds, do you get as captivated as you do when you think about gold bullion or gold coins? Probably not… Right?

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