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You may be thinking that Dollar Cost Averaging, or DCA, sounds like a pretty good idea, but, here’s the thing… as a Rule #1 investor, you already know what price you are willing to pay, so DCA isn’t necessary. In this video, I’ll explain the main differences between Rule #1 and DCA.

Rule #1 investors know how much we are willing to pay for a company because we look at the 5 numbers that determine a good investment. Learn more about those 5 numbers in my FREE Successful Investing PDF, just click the link above.

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Obama and 401Ks – How to Really Protect Your Investments

As the economy continues to barely survive on life support, it seems like there are more and more calls for nationalized government programs. For example, in the spring of 2009 President Obama proposed a 2010 takeover of 401ks and the implementation of nationalized pension plans.

401k Annuity Plans

In recent years, 401k annuity plans have been devised as an option for workers who want to prepare for regular income instead of a lump sum after they retire. 401k annuity plans are bundled with an insurance product that makes assumptions and calculations to provide for regular annual withdrawals after the 401k benefits are payable.

Retirement Accounts – What Is Tax-deferred? What Is Tax-Exempt?

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