Dividend vs. Dividend Yield (Stock Investing 101)

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I remember when I was brand new to the world of stock investing and just getting started. I continually came across and heard the terms “dividend” and “dividend yield”. I had no idea what they were, what they meant, what determined them, or who knows… maybe they were the same thing? We all start off as beginner investors, so there is absolutely no shame or embarrassment in not understanding these investment topics and terms! The good news is, both of these terms are very straight forward and easy to understand. There are a few considerations and potential pitfalls you need to be aware of with them, all of which I’ll show you in this video. To be fair, you may never use dividends or care about dividend yields within your stock investing strategy; however, from a general knowledge perspective, I would argue it’s still wise to at least be aware of these dynamics. My personal strategy revolves around the idea of passive income and making money while I sleep, so dividends play a large role for me and I want you to be aware of them! Let’s dive into some stock investing 101 terms that can potentially open you up to a whole new world of wealth building!

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